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Windows Restored at “Woodville Plantation”

Thanks to a Keystone Historic Preservation Grant, Neville House Associates was able to fund the restoration of 23 windows in the National Historic Landmark historic house museum dating back to the eighteenth century.

“This may be some of the earliest window glass made in the Pittsburgh area,” said John Kelly, “and we were very careful to document our entire restoration process. Restoring the windows presented a unique challenge because the glass is very thin, between 1/32nd and 1/16th of an inch.”

Kelly Art Glass removed the windows from “Woodville Plantation,” the John and Prestley Neville House in Collier Township, on December 30, 2014 and carried out meticulous restoration work over the winter months. Fifty broken panes were repaired and new pieces of full restoration glass were cut and fit into place. “Full restoration glass gives us the best visual character,” said John Kelly. All the windows were reinstalled by April 17, 2015––in time for the summer schedule of Sunday events open to the public.

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