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Vandergrift Farmers Market: Bigger and Better Than Ever

by David Farkas
August 5, 2009

Vandergrift Farmers MarketThe Vandergrift Farmers Market is enjoying its biggest season in its four-year history.

The Farmers Market has doubled the number of vendors from last season, adding products such as eggs and beef to the product offering. Its not just vendor sales that are up; the number of customers visiting the market has increased to an average of 375 each Thursday.

With the help of a Department of Agriculture grant secured by PHLF, the VIP was able to hire Project for Public Spaces (PPS), a consulting firm with expertise in markets throughout the world.

The VIP is now implementing the long-term expansion plans, which include improving Teeple Memorial Park, located adjacent to the Farmers Market area.

Eventually, the park will feature an amphitheatre, permanent seating, tables, and a memorial wall. The parking lot surface and curbs will be replaced with a permeable concrete material to manage excess storm water runoff.

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