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Three-Year Grant Awarded to Support Landmarks’ Education Program

by Louise Sturgess, Executive Director
March 1, 2009
PHLF News 

The Alfred M. Oppenheimer (AMO) Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation is committing $15,000 per year for three years to support general education programs at Landmarks.

“The AMO was established in 1963 to support interfaith and interracial understanding,” said Chuck Half, a trustee of AMO and of Landmarks. “The intent of this grant is to support Landmarks’ educational programs that provide in-depth explorations of historic sites, architecture, neighborhoods, and culture along with opportunities for interaction among participants.”       

“This is a tremendous and most welcome source of support,” said Louise Sturgess, Landmarks’ executive director. “Since its founding in 1964, our organization has been committed to offering educational programs that help people realize the value of historic structures and neighborhoods and motivate them to work together to improve the life of their community.

The modest fees we charge for our educational programs do not cover all our costs. The AMO grant will provide a base of operational funding for us in these challenging economic times.”

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