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Three More Join PHLF’s Community of Scholarship Winners

During a luncheon on June 25, David Brashear, chair of PHLF’s Scholarship Committee, awarded scholarships to three high-achieving college-bound students who care deeply about the Pittsburgh region. (Each scholarship has a maximum value of $4,000 and is for tuition and book expenses.) This year’s winners are:

  • Jacqueline Clark (Pittsburgh Barack Obama High School), who will be attending Howard University (human development);
  • Marissa Getty (Gateway High School), who will be attending Penn State University (architecture); and
  • Kevin Skolnick (Mt. Lebanon High School), who will be attending Princeton University (chemical engineering).

Since 1999, PHLF has awarded 48 scholarships to a remarkable group of young people who we hope will be among the next generation of leaders to help us carry out our mission. Our scholarship recipients include people who are now architects and urban planners, engineers, biologists, and public health specialists. Several live in Pittsburgh and almost all stay in touch with PHLF through e-mail communication.

After making a special trip to attend the Pittsburgh luncheon, Emily Sullivan, who works as an architect in Ithaca, NY, sent the following e-mail to David Brashear: “It’s been awhile, but I feel my Pittsburgh roots taking hold. Like you, I always enjoy coming home––and I realize that PHLF is part of my Pittsburgh family. It’s wonderful to have such a great group of folks who have been a part of my life for 14(!) years and with whom I share similar goals and interests.”

David replied: “I’ve lived in a lot of places, and there is definitely something special about Pittsburgh. I think we were all fortunate to have grown up in such a well-rounded and well-grounded community. I’m so happy that you feel like PHLF is part of your family––it is. And you have pursued a path that will allow you to make a difference in our built environment––and that’s really what PHLF is all about.”

For more information on PHLF’s Scholarship Program, click here.

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