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The Sweeney Hotel and Saloon To Be Preserved

March 4th, 2009
PHLF News 

At the request of Senator Jim Ferlo and the Natrona Comes Together Association in the Natrona Flats, Landmarks helped the organization secure the vacant Sweeney Hotel and Saloon built in 1900 at 36 Chestnut Street.  Over the years the hotel had become a bank, an antique store, and finally The Vault Theatre, before it closed again.

Utilizing a grant from Senator Ferlo and a planned giving solution we developed, we were able to obtain the ownership of the building for the Natrona Comes Together Association. 

A further grant from the Senator is enabling us to install a new roof and repair the elegant cornice work on the building.  The future use for the building is still being discussed within the larger context of the Natrona’s ongoing revitalization efforts. 


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