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Thank You Volunteer Interns

PHLF Interns

For the past three months, PHLF has been fortunate to have the volunteer help of Juliana Carlino (University of Oklahoma, on-line, Art History), Mark Hirschman (LaRoche College, History), Lauren Rowland (University of Pittsburgh, History & Urban Studies), and Zachary Webster (Duquesne University, History).

Together they have helped PHLF staff and docents with many school and membership tours, reviewed and commented on a manuscript, assisted in surveying 13 non-contributing structures located on the Friendship Hill site (the home of Albert Gallatin in Fayette County), and completed various archival projects. “We enjoyed getting to know each student,” said Executive Director Louise Sturgess, “and appreciated having everyone’s help. We wish them success in the future and look forward to keeping in touch.”

The following comments from each intern describe the value of their experience with PHLF.

“PHLF was truly a wonderful volunteering experience and internship. Being involved in the Friendship Hill research enabled me to immerse myself in a professional project using my educational skills and graduate resources. Assisting with several school tours, membership tours, archival organization projects, and lectures also allowed me to learn valuable concepts pertaining to outreach and education, historic structures and architecture, and the importance of preservation within Pittsburgh communities.”
––Juliana Carlino, University of Oklahoma (on-line)

“I have greatly enjoyed my time here at PHLF and have benefited from it tremendously. I really enjoyed the opportunity to make use of my writing skills and the opportunity to take photographs on the Downtown Dragons tour, and the chance to help plan other tours.”
––Mark Hirschman, LaRoche College

“PHLF has provided me the opportunity to see and learn things about the history and architecture of Pittsburgh that I would not have had otherwise. The knowledge, creativity, and skill of the staff at PHLF and the quality of the programs it provides have impressed and inspired me. This experience has been a pleasure and has helped prepare me for a future in teaching and sharing history with others.”
––Lauren Rowland, University of Pittsburgh

“My time at PHLF has allowed me to explore and learn about places in Downtown Pittsburgh that I walk by every day, but never knew any history about. By helping with a wide variety of the tours, I was able to learn about the architects and experience the culture and history of the previous Pittsburghers who walked the ground before us.”
––Zachary Webster, Duquesne University

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