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Thank You Summer Interns

July 29, 2011

Since March, PHLF has involved 15 students (high school, college, and graduates) in its educational programs and preservation activities. As volunteers with PHLF, each student decides how many hours a week and what days h e/she is able to help out. Once here, interns assist with school tours, workshops for teachers, research and archival assignments, and main street programs. And, if they enjoy being with students, they help out with CampDEC, a 2 0-day adventure with middle school students in the Pittsburgh Public School’s Summer Dreamers Academy. Thank you everyone for your help and effort!

As a result of their experiences, interns add to their portfolios and gain a new (or deeper) appreciation for Pittsburgh’s architecture and history and for the economic, social, and cultural benefits of historic preservation. Intern comments on the value of their experiences include the following:


  • Julie Edwards: “PHLF has given me a deeper understanding of Pittsburgh’s extensive architectural heritage and a greater appreciation for the built environment.”
  • Alyssa Malobicky: “Thank you for welcoming me back to PHLF again. The hands-on involvement in the day-to-day activities of PHLF teaches me so much. I appreciate all that PHLF does to keep Pittsburgh a special place.”
  • Ashley Moore: “Through interning with PHLF, I have a new-found appreciation for Pittsburgh. It is amazing how evidence of the city’s changes was here long before I was and may be here long after I am gone.”
  • Barrett Reiter: “My experiences with the educational, non-profit portion of PHLF have taught me that educating future generations is as important as preserving the accomplishments of those past. Without understanding and a personal connection to the built environment our unique history is too easily lost.”
  • Shane Martin: “My time with PHLF has broadened my horizons on subjects ranging from historic preservation to urban design and the strenuous human effort put into the systems that hold our society together. I was fortunate to work alongside the very minds that ensure our city’s rich history and put forth my own efforts at planning the future.”

We thank the following 15 people (all pictured above) who volunteered their time and talent to PHLF:

  1. Lauren Borrelli, Penn State University (Architecture)
  2. Emily Bush, Miami University of Ohio (History/Journalism)
  3. Julie Edwards, Kent State University graduate (Interior Design)
  4. Michal Gould, University of Pittsburgh
  5. Stacy Litwinowicz, West Virginia University (Interior Design)
  6. Samantha Mabe, Clemson University (Architecture)
  7. Alyssa Malobicky, Virginia Tech (Landscape Architecture)
  8. Shane Martin, University of Pittsburgh (Urban Studies/Architectural Studies)
  9. Grace Meloy, University of Pittsburgh (Architectural Studies/Civil Engineering)

10.  Ashley Moore, University of North Carolina graduate (Masters of Urban Design)

11. Barrett Reiter, University of Pittsburgh ( History/Political Science/Historic Preservation)

12.  Katherine Schmotzer, Baldwin High School

13.  Emily VanBuren, Slippery Rock University––Masters (History)

14.  Camden Yandel, Saint Vincent College (Graphic Design)

15.  Sydney Zalewski, Carnegie Mellon University (Architecture/Photography)

To learn more about PHLF’s volunteer internship program click here.

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