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Thank You Summer Interns

PHLF involved 11 volunteer interns (undergraduate and graduate students) in its educational and historic preservation activities between April and August 2012. Students incorporated their interests in urban planning, historic preservation, cultural heritage preservation, history, art history, and architecture to help advance PHLF’s mission.

Interns assisted with the National Register Downtown Districts project, finished scanning the Allegheny County Historic Sites Survey, and developed preliminary inventories of National-Register eligible districts for Lawrenceville, the Strip District, and Woodland Road. They also helped prepare for and implement CampDEC (Design Explore Create), a 25-day summer camp for Pittsburgh Public School students.

We thank the following for volunteering their time and talent to PHLF:

  • Hannah Beckman, University of Mary Washington (Historic Preservation)
  • Brittany Buzzelli, University of Pittsburgh (Urban Studies)
  • Kimberly Colberg, Edinboro University (Art History)
  • Matthew Hoffman, Catholic University of America (Architecture)
  • Carl Lew, Duquesne University (History)
  • Christopher Mannella, Ohio State University (Architecture)
  • Reed McLaughlin, St. Vincent College (History)
  • Barrett Reiter, University of Pittsburgh (History/Political Science/Preservation)
  • Betsy Sweeny, University of Missouri (Art History/Archaeology & Anthropology)
  • Kathryn Townsend, University College London (Cultural Heritage Studies)
  • Eric Venturella, Robert Morris University (History/Social Sciences)

Intern comments on the value of their experiences with PHLF include the following:

  • Hannah Beckman: “Since I am not a Pittsburgh native, I was able to learn a lot about the city through numerous exciting summer camp activities, all highlighting the history and the diverse built environment.”
  • Chris Mannella: “My favorite part of my time at PHLF was meeting and growing close to everyone on the staff. From the interns all the way up to the president, I really enjoyed learning from the wealth of knowledge that has accumulated here at this fun, friendly, and productive office. I have grown in both my love of Pittsburgh and my passion for architecture because of it. The passion that everyone brings to their work at PHLF is really inspiring, and it leads to a greater range of outreach in the city than I had imagined.”
  • Carl Lew: “Interning for PHLF helped me get in touch with those who allow me to research and create, the things which inspire me most.”
  • Reed McLaughlin: “Interning with PHLF was a great experience. By helping with National Register research and CampDEC activities, my experience has not only heightened my appreciation for Pittsburgh but has also helped me see how young students learn to appreciate their hometown as well.”
  • Kate Townsend: “My internship with PHLF not only afforded me the opportunity to gain professional experience in the field of historic preservation, but it reignited my passion and commitment to educating others about the City of Pittsburgh’s cultural heritage. PHLF strives to instill the knowledge that the architectural relics of the past have continued vibrancy, importance, and purpose for future generations as an impetus to foster community spirit and neighborhood renewal.”

As a result of their experiences with PHLF, volunteer interns add to their portfolios, gain a deeper appreciation for Pittsburgh’s history and architecture, and develop an awareness of the economic, social, and cultural benefits of historic preservation.

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