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Thank You Spring Interns

PHLF involved eight volunteer interns (high school, undergraduate, and graduate students) in its educational and historic preservation activities between January and April 2012. Students incorporated their interests in urban planning, interior design, history, architecture, business, writing, and photography to help advance PHLF’s mission.

Interns researched, archived, and entered data for the National Register Downtown Districts project; assisted in educational programs, tours, and workshops; and edited and proofread the annual issue of PHLF News (April 2012), the new membership brochure, and four poetry and art books by elementary school students, among many other activities.

We thank the following for volunteering their time and talent to PHLF:

  • Colin Farr, University of Pittsburgh (Urban Studies)
  • Alisa Griffin, West Virginia University (Interior Design)
  • Shawn Kerr, University of Pittsburgh (History/Political Science)
  • Emily Leftwich, University of Pittsburgh (Urban Studies)
  • Maya McCray, Pittsburgh Obama High School
  • John Moorhead, University of Pittsburgh (English Literature/History/Writing)
  • Steve Salas, Point Park University graduate (Teaching Certificate)
  • Abby Wolensky, University of Pittsburgh (Urban Studies)

As a result of their experiences with PHLF, volunteer interns add to their portfolios, gain a deeper appreciation for Pittsburgh’s history and architecture, and develop an awareness of the economic, social, and cultural benefits of historic preservation.

Intern comments on the value of their experiences with PHLF include the following:

  • Colin Farr: “My time at PHLF has been some of the most rewarding months of my life. The staff at PHLF involves the interns in all facets of daily operations and does not hesitate to give us real responsibility. Whether it is an educational program with area students or a research project for PHLF, the intern gets hands-on experience that is invaluable to attaining a well-rounded education.”
  • Alisa Griffin: “The best part of interning at PHLF was being around so many people who are passionate about what they do and about the City of Pittsburgh. I’ve learned so much about my new hometown, and I’ve made some wonderful connections. I couldn’t have had a more rewarding experience anywhere else.”
  • Shawn Kerr: “Volunteering at PHLF has given me a new perspective on my hometown that I never had before. The tours open your eyes to so much that’s usually overlooked.”
  • Emily Leftwich: “Interning at PHLF has helped to remind me to appreciate the details of the architecture of this city and has reinforced and built upon what I learned during a cultural resource management course at Pitt.”
  • Maya McCray: “My experience with PHLF, through the Career Connections program at my high school, really expanded my knowledge of the variety of architecture in Pittsburgh. Little did I know that after a few months of working at PHLF I would realize how much I had overlooked during my 17 years here. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity of working with such bright and intelligent people who provided a positive environment to learn in.”
  • John Moorhead: “It is inspirational and amazing to know how much historical appreciation is in this organization. It’s contagious. With every conversation and experience I learned something new, whether it was about my family heritage or the general history of Pittsburgh. PHLF has taught me to appreciate the less obvious and to fight for something you love.”
  • Abby Wolensky: “Interning at PHLF has really helped me learn more about the city around me. I’m inspired by PHLF’s passion for the City of Pittsburgh. I look forward to helping with the Career Awareness programs again in the fall.”
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