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Thank You Interns

Western Pennsylvania Writers Program for teachers at Falk School, Oakland, PHLF education program, inserviceJade Dominique Lee, who is studying environmental and interior design at Syracuse University, and Conner Houk, who is studying justice administration and anthropology at the University of Pittsburgh, completed volunteer internships this summer at PHLF. As a result, they developed a deeper appreciation for the work of PHLF and for Pittsburgh. We thank Jade and Conner for their assistance and wish them much success. They are shown in this photo participating in a workshop with the Western Pennsylvania Writing Project: Conner is standing in the front of the classroom and Jade is at the far right edge.

Jade summed up her experience by writing:

Being an intern for PHLF was nothing I expected it to be, and way more than I had hoped for! Every week was a new experience, and a new chance for me to look at Pittsburgh differently. Spending my first summer in the city with PHLF gave me a great understanding of Pittsburgh’s history. From visiting the “Points of View”  sculpture on Mt. Washington to touring a variety of Gothic churches and learning about Charles Connick’s impact on the stained glass industry, I was exposed to what it meant to know and love Pittsburgh. As a result, I now have pride.

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