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PHLF Interns Spring 2014

Three students from the University of Pittsburgh––Kristy Chen (Economics), Michael Hufnagel (Communications), and Danielle Doubet (Preservation/History)––volunteered at PHLF during the past several months. “We were pleased to get to know Kristy, Danielle, and Michael,” said Louise Sturgess, Executive Director of PHLF, “and thank them for all their help with our educational programs and research activities. Their enthusiasm, energy, and interest in local history and architecture inspire us and help us see the value of what we do everyday.”

Kristy helped especially with the Landmarks Scholarship Program; Michael made significant progress in creating a database of information from Construction Record; and Danielle assisted and led several school tours, served as a judge for the Architectural Design Challenge, and created two photo murals that first-grade students completed following their neighborhood walk with PHLF, among many other projects.

The students gained valuable experience through their volunteer internships with PHLF and have the following comments to share:

“I have truly loved interning for PHLF. It has been an inspirational experience, and I’ve truly enjoyed helping the staff. I am very grateful to have had such an opportunity.”  ––Kristy Chen

“This internship with PHLF this semester opened my eyes to how special the City of Pittsburgh really is. I am originally from Philadelphia so I never knew much about Pittsburgh before this semester. PHLF has an extraordinarily large collection of artifacts and data mapping the history of Pittsburgh. Even as a Communications major at Pitt, I was able to appreciate and soak in all that PHLF has to offer. I am truly grateful to everyone at PHLF for allowing me this opportunity and leaving me with an experience I will never forget.”  ––Michael Hufnagel

“Over the duration of 14 weeks at PHLF, I learned an abundance of information about Pittsburgh’s history, and I believe my knowledge will continue to grow. As an intern, I could not have asked for a better role model to assist than Louise Sturgess. She is a truly remarkable woman with an overflow of knowledge that has inspired me in more ways than one. Her diligence, organization, and passion for Pittsburgh’s history taught me valuable skills that I will carry with me throughout my professional career.

“Two notable experiences, leading a tour for fifth-grade students in the Poetry and Art program and being a judge in a middle school Architectural Design Challenge, particularly stood out to me. These experiences were memorable moments because they opened my eyes to the impact PHLF has on the younger generation. It is extremely important to build pride in one’s city and neighborhood in order to evoke inspiration in individuals to actively engage in the betterment of their communities.

“Before interning at PHLF, I was not aware of the educational approach to spread awareness of history and preservation. I can now add this experience to the various exposures I have had the privilege of acquiring over my four years at the University of Pittsburgh. I am certain I will continue to share my knowledge of history and buildings in order to gain support for improving communities––and for helping children develop a sense of belonging.

“A special thanks to the PHLF staff for inspiring me and granting me such a wonderful experience!”  ––Danielle Doubet

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