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Thank You Fall Interns

Five interns from local universities and graduate schools assisted PHLF from September through December 2012 with the Historic Religious Properties Conference, Architectural Apprenticeship, Architectural Design Challenge, and Allegheny Together Main Street Program. We thank Neha Patel, Eric Kobal, Kevin Boyle, and Lisa Christopher (all shown here), and Jenna Briasco.

They also continued digitizing the Allegheny County survey, assisted on many walking tours, and represented PHLF at various presentations and events. They created architectural renderings and drawings, conducted historical research, and contributed their knowledge, energy, and enthusiasm to our grateful staff.

  •  “Interning with PHLF this semester has given me an invaluable experience that I will be able to apply to my future endeavors. The Architectural Apprenticeship program, the community tours, and the research opportunities expanded my knowledge in my field of choice and allowed me to learn more about and appreciate Pittsburgh.”

––Kevin Boyle, University of Pittsburgh (Urban Studies; Sociology)

  •  “Assisting with the walking tours has not only provided me with new experiences in navigating Pittsburgh but has also opened my eyes to a variety of places I would not have explored on my own.”

––Jenna Briasco, University of Pittsburgh (Historical Preservation/Italian)

  •  “The most memorable moment of my internship at PHLF was having the opportunity to meet David Lewis (founder of Urban Design Associates). I continue to be extremely impressed by the knowledge and enthusiasm the staff and docents have at PHLF. This was truly a rewarding experience, and gave me a deeper appreciation for the work PHLF does. I have always been a proud Pittsburgher and my experience as an intern has broadened my awareness of Pittsburgh’s rich history.”

––Lisa Christopher, Chatham University (Interior Architecture)

  •  “Interning with PHLF this fall has been a truly rewarding experience. The aspect of the internship which I’ve enjoyed most is the varied nature of the work at PHLF. Never have two days been exactly the same. Being able to go out into various communities and meet with people has been an absolute pleasure. The opportunity to use the resources of PHLF in order to aid in research for my Honors Thesis also has been a privilege. Finally, I would like to say that the people at PHLF will leave the most lasting impression on me. They have served as models of professionalism, which I aspire to emulate in my future career.”

––Eric Kobal, University of Pittsburgh (Architectural Studies)

  •  “Interning with PHLF has been a learning experience in regards to the history of Pittsburgh as well as the tremendous efforts made by the Foundation to ensure the preservation of this city’s history. Teaching students and working on projects has given me a sense of accomplishment due to the contributions I made. Being a participant in these endeavors and being in an environment where there is great passion in the work being done has been an inspiration to me.”

––Neha Patel, University of Pittsburgh (Architectural Studies/Anthropology)

Five more interns begin with PHLF this January. We look forward to meeting them and involving them in our work. To learn more about volunteer internships with PHLF, click here.

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