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Students Learn from Video Tour Series of African American Landmarks

Students from Pittsburgh Westinghouse and Faison are creating works of art and music inspired by their learning during a video tour of African American landmarks in Pittsburgh. These drafts of student digital art show the National Negro Opera House and Crawford Grill No. 2.

In February 2021, the Society of Architectural Historians awarded our organization an American Architecture and Landscape Field Trip Grant for a new educational program, “A Legacy in Stone & Song.”

The grant leveraged additional funding support from the McSwigan Family Foundation Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation, and the Gailliot Family Foundation, which will enable the program to continue into the 2021-22 academic year. This spring, students the Westinghouse and Faison Pittsburgh Public Schools had the opportunity to virtually explore the architecture and history of the National Negro Opera House in their Homewood neighborhood, as well as three other sites of significance in Pittsburgh’s African American history: the New Granada Theater, Crawford Grill No. 2, and August Wilson House.

Through a video field trip narrated by Sarah Greenwald, PHLF’s co-director of education, and knowledgeable community representatives, the story of each of these places came alive for students. After watching the video, students began working with their teachers, area artists, and musicians to complete a classroom-based creative project inspired by the history and culture embedded in these landmarks.

Their work will continue into the next academic year when students will have more time and resources to add their artistic voices to those who have made these historic places so important to Pittsburgh’s African American legacy.

“I am incredibly grateful to our funders and educators who have gone above and beyond supporting us while we work to enrich student learning during an incredibly difficult academic year. I look forward to continuing our collaboration with these students and educators,” said Sarah.

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