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Student Reflects on Her Experience at PHLF

Elise Oberdick, a Robert Morris University Student, recently completed her internship with us. Below are a few sentiments on her experience at PHLF.

When searching for a nonprofit organization where I could complete my final internship, I had no idea how life altering my choice would be. Since my first day at the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation to my last, I thoroughly enjoyed every second that I spent there.

I was fortunate enough to work on a multitude of projects that furthered my nonprofit business knowledge, and also had the opportunity to work directly with PHLF’s education department. This assisted me in developing skills necessary to realizing my passion––working with children.

One of the most fulfilling projects that I worked on while at PHLF was assisting with a new career education program for the Pittsburgh Public Schools titled, “People Who Work to Improve Our Communities.” I was able to see the program develop and help throughout all the stages. When the program was completed, I was also able to assist with presenting the program to fourth-grade students. This provided me with the opportunity to interact with the students, and to see how much work goes into developing an education program. I was so fortunate to be able to work so closely with the program and gained invaluable experience while doing so.

Another opportunity that PHLF provided to me was being able to assist on some of their many tours. These tours were such an amazing educational experience and they were probably my favorite aspect of my internship. I was able to work with many different age groups and gained knowledge about Pittsburgh that I had not previously known.

The experience that I have been fortunate enough to have while at PHLF has been unequaled in my undergraduate college career. I am so thankful for the opportunity that they provided to me.

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