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Snapshot – Walter Curtis Kidney

Age: 69.

Occupation: Architectural Historian, Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation.

Best aspect of job: Researching and writing.

Family: Single.

Current project: “A book on the architect Henry Hornbostel.”

Hobbies: Trying to figure out the dates and locations of historic photographs. “Sometimes I can look at a view of downtown from Mount Washington and say `That had to be taken in 1906, because of what’s there and what isn’t there.'”

Favorite film: “The Children of Paradise.” “Colorful characters in a fascinating place (Paris 1840) makes romanticism comprehensible.”

Favorite read: Mystery stories and psychological novels and novels of manners.

Three things always in your refrigerator: Bread, chocolate and shrimp.

Favorite vacation: “I loaf sometimes, but never take vacations.”

Where he can be found Saturday nights: Home.

People may be surprised to know: “My only academic degree is a BA in philosophy.”

– William Loeffler

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