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See You at Kennywood: May 6 and May 24

Kennywood isn’t just about rides and fries. The National Historic Landmark is also a great place for students to sharpen their skills in math and develop an eye for architecture. During Kennywood Education Days on May 6 and 24, PHLF is releasing Geometry at Kennywood, a pocket-sized tablet with 18 problems to solve. Authors Kevin Connolly (Harvard University) and William Prince (University of Pittsburgh graduate) were summer interns with PHLF in 2010. If you want to figure out the diameter of the Merry-Go-Round, or find parallelograms and rhombuses, then contact Louise Sturgess (412-471-5808, ext. 536) at PHLF for a copy of Geometry at Kennywood. Funds from the McSwigan Family Foundation supported the design and printing of the workbook.

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