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PPS Third Graders Explore 6 Pittsburgh Sites

In April and May, third-graders from 12 Pittsburgh Public Schools are participating in PHLF’s “Building Pride/Building Character” tour aboard Molly’s Trolley, thanks to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program and generous contributions in support of that program from Huntington Bank, PNC Bank, BNY Mellon, ESB Bank, Allegheny Technologies, Frank B. Fuhrer Wholesale Company, Bridges & Company, UPMC, and Hefren-Tillotson.

PHLF thanks Pittsburgh City Council for always welcoming the students to the City-County Building and talking with them about their neighborhood. Students also explore the Allegheny County Courthouse, Fort Pitt Museum, and Fort Pitt Block House. They ride the Duquesne Incline up to Mt. Washington and walk to see the “Points of View” statue of George Washington and Guyasuta. All in all, it’s a great adventure!

“We are so appreciative of the generosity of your donors,” wrote one teacher. “Many of our students would never have such a wonderful opportunity without your donors. Others commented, “This program is amazing. Children who had seen some of the sites gained more knowledge. Students who hadn’t seen them had their world expanded through this experience.” “Great trip for adults and students. Great information. Knowledgeable guides. Grade appropriate.” “This is a fantastic trip and every school should go.”

For more information on PHLF’s EITC program, click here.

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