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PHLF’s Career Awareness Program Motivates Fourth Graders to Explore their School and Community

“This was very worthwhile. Children made connections between their education and their career future. … PHLF does a great job. Always such a pleasure to have their programs come into the schools––students learn a lot.”

            ––Pittsburgh Banksville and Pittsburgh Phillips teachers, March 23 & 26, 2015

Below is a gallery of 20 photos of fourth-grade students from Pittsburgh Phillips and Pittsburgh Banksville participating in PHLF’s award-winning career awareness program, “People Who Work to Improve Our Communities.” Through colorful posters, tools of the trade, maps, and discussions about their school and community, students begin to understand how the skills and knowledge they are acquiring in school will help them become engineers, bankers, architects, lawyers, HVAC technicians, electricians, contractors, public officials, etc.: people who work to improve their communities.

PHLF is able to offer the Career Awareness and other educational opportunities to a number of Pittsburgh Public Schools through May 2015, thanks to funding support from BNY Mellon Foundation of Southwestern Pennsylvania and thirteen businesses through the state’s EITC program.

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