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Not Even A Paycheck

Barbara Drew Hoffstot cofounded Landmarks in 1964. Until her death 30 years later, her pioneering preservation work in Pittsburgh laid the foundation for the Historic Preservation Act of 1966 and brought about the creation of the National Register of Historic Places.

She conceived the ideas of a Historic Plaques Program and a county-wide historic property inventory. She served as a member of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission until 1967 and served three terms as a trustee for the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

She even wrote Landmark Architecture of Palm Beach, a trailblazing book now in its third edition.

“She sought anonymity, not fame,” says Landmarks President Arthur Ziegler. “She respected sound thinking, not impulse.

Despite her passing, she remains a part of us.” Barbara Drew Hoffstot never received a Landmarks paycheck, yet her work greatly influenced two prominent cities and led to national preservation policies.

Today, husband Henry and son Phipps carry on her work as Landmarks board members and CFO respectively. What accomplishments! What a Legacy!

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