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National Trust Conferences Elect Pittsburgh 2006

Pittsburgh competed against a number of cities including Boston, Philadelphia, and Indianapolis to invite the annual conference of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, to be held October 31 thru November 5, 2006. We are pleased that the Trust has selected our city and our organization as host.

Over 2000 people generally attend the six day conference which, because of its length, and that the fact that the conferees are taken to all parts of the community, delivers both good information and good economics to the host city.

We will be working with non-profit organizations, neighborhood CDCs, religious organizations, and all those interested in histori buildings and landscapes and to create an extraordinarly useful conference for the Trust members.

If you would like to join our working committees, please email Cathy McCollom ( or call 1-412-471-5808. We will announce the formation of committees and co-chairs in the near future.

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