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Mt. Lebanon Design Guide Is Helpful to Homeowners Throughout the Region

Mt. Lebanon, incorporated in 1912, includes a two-square-mile National Register Historic District that was listed in 2014. More than 4,000 properties constructed before 1945 are included in one of the best-preserved early-automobile suburbs in the nation. Photo courtesy of the Municipality of Mt. Lebanon.

Click here to see an on-line Design Guide developed for Mt. Lebanon’s National Register Historic District that is also a great resource for homeowners throughout the city. Many historic styles detailed in the Design Guide can be found in other Pittsburgh neighborhoods. The Design Guide provides overviews of historic and post-war architectural styles, as well as basic exterior home maintenance. The maintenance portion of the guide is organized by specific projects that homeowners might undertake, making the guide user-friendly and easy to refer to only applicable sections.

This guide expands upon voluntary guidelines developed in 2016 by T&B Planning at the request of residents of Virginia Manor, one of the neighborhoods in Mt. Lebanon’s National Register Historic District. Once those guidelines were completed, it became clear that the information would be helpful to residents throughout Mt. Lebanon who want to preserve and enhance their historic homes.

Nicole Kubas, an urban design consultant, created The Design Guide in collaboration with the Mt. Lebanon Historic Preservation Board and the Mt. Lebanon Public Information Office. Nicole also is a PHLF member who participates in many of our walking tours and assists with our middle and high school architectural design challenges and apprenticeship.

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