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Market House in line for $300,000 in renovations

The South Pittsburgh Reporter
March 1, 2005

City Council President Gene Ricciardi announced last week he has successfully secured $300,000 in federal funding for infrastructure improvements to the historic South Side Market House.

Preliminary costs are estimated at $100,000 for a new roof and approximately $200,000 for new windows, but Ricciardi is hopeful that there may be enough funds to expand the kitchen as well.

“The Market House, located in an important historic district, is truly a community treasure that has been entrusted to our generation by our parents and grandparents.” said Ricciardi. “We have an obligation to maintain it as a safe and comfortable facility.”

At the present time, the Market House is open for a wide range of Senior Programs. “The improvements that are being funded will assure that we continue to provide this wonderful second home for our senior citizens,” said Riccardi.

Riccardi says that The Market House Children’s Athletic Association is now organizing recreational activities for children ages 4-12, beginning with deck hockey. For more information, call 412-488-8390 or visit pghmarkethouse@msn. com.

“The South Side is fortunate to have a great facility like the Market House where programs for our seniors and our children can take place,” said Ricciardi. “Spending money now on necessary improvements has long-term benefits. A vibrant senior and recreational center helps our community thrive, contributes to neighborhood stability, and adds to the market value of our homes.”

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