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Leveraging Their Legacy

George and Eileen Dorman support a number of community causes, but preservation is at the top of their list.

During the past 20 years, they’ve watched farmland disappear as a population wave moved toward property they own on the tip of Long Island in New York; and they’ve followed the efforts of the late Constance Oliver O’Neil who provided major grants to underwrite Landmarks’ Historic Religious Properties Fund.

As a result of some creative planning, the Dormans have made their own long-term financial commitment to Landmarks that will strengthen our Historic Religious Properties Program and help us to expand our Easement Program.

More than a decade ago, George was elected to the board of a local corporation. As a member of the compensation committee, he championed a Directors’ Charitable Award Program (DCAP). Through this program, he was able to direct payment for his service to an insurance policy that established charities as the beneficiaries.

While on the corporate board, George served on just about every committee, attending as many as 20 meetings per year. Each time, his director’s fee went to the DCAP. When he retired in 2001, a significant sum had been accumulated.

“Eileen and I decided early on that my director’s fees could do a lot more good for the community than for us,” said George. “The only downside was that I had to die or retire before any charitable organization could collect. Fortunately (from my standpoint), retirement came first.”

As a result of the Dormans’ foresight, Landmarks will receive a significant annual gift for each of the next ten years. Eighty percent will be directed to the Historic Religious Properties Fund and the balance will be used to underwrite the Easement Program, particularly those easements that assist in preserving properties for their current use.

“You can go to Europe and see churches that have stood for centuries,” said Eileen. “That glorious architecture and those magnificent stained glass windows give you a sense of the relationship of the builders to their Faith and their God, a relationship that continues to this day.

“George and I wanted to contribute something to that spirit in Pittsburgh. Besides, a building that’s always used never feels old.”

Added George: “Ten years from now, we hope to look back and see architecturally significant churches and historic farms are still here, doing what they were designed to do.”

Thanks to the Dormans and a decision that they made 12 years ago to forego a source of income in favor of a major gift to Landmarks, that wish may just come true.

If you serve on a corporate board, inquire if a Directors’ Charitable Award Program is an option for you. It’s a great way to leave your mark on Pittsburgh and help Landmarks protect the places that make Pittsburgh home.

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