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Landmarks Partners With Manchester Citizens Corporation in Neighborhood Transformation Initiative

On March 12, Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation (Landmarks) in partnership with the Manchester Citizens Corporation (MCC) presented the Manchester Neighborhood Transformation Initiative to the Historic Review Commission (HRC) at its monthly meeting. The report represents the culmination of several months work by MCC and Landmarks to access, inventory, and recommend action on 162 abandoned buildings and vacant parcels of land in Manchester.

The organizations began this work when the City appeared to be advocating demolition of many of these abandoned buildings. The neighborhood felt that a closer examination of each of the buildings was needed prior to demolition and the HRC urged the neighborhood to look at these buildings as part of a total plan rather than as individual units.

As a result of this report, MCC and Landmarks made the following recommendations:

1. Ninety-two buildings are recommended for restoration;
2. Thirty-four buildings are recommended for demolition;
3. Twenty vacant parcels are recommended for in-fill new construction;
4. Twelve abandoned buildings are recommended for demolition followed by in-fill new construction;
5. Four buildings should have fa├žade and parcel restorations.

The total cost for restoration and demolition is approximately at $24 million. It is estimated that 66% most come from private sources.

An initial review by the City was enthusiastically positive and the City has expressed the hope that other neighborhoods will model this approach.

Over the next several weeks, MCC with continuing assistance from Landmarks will hold neighborhood meetings to further involve the community as the program moves forward.

Next steps also include verifying cost estimates, further visits with city
officials and private funding sources to determine the level of funding

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