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Landmarks Community Capital Announces National Grocery Operator Interested in Locating in the Hill District

On January 29th at 8:30 a.m., Dr. Howard B. Slaughter, Jr., Chief Executive Officer of Landmarks Community Capital Corporation (“LCCC”) will host an industry breakfast at the Grand Concourse Restaurant in Station Square to introduce a superior grocery operator who has an interest in opening a grocery store in the Hill District.

Six representatives from the St. Louis-based company will present their ideas and analysis as to why its store would work in the Hill District and benefit the community. At 9:00 a.m., the representatives will answer questions and take comments.

LCCC was formed just three months ago with a mission that focuses on community revitalization and economic development in urban neighborhoods.

Dr. Howard B. Slaughter, Jr. said, “our goal from the inception of establishing LCCC was to independently engage a viable, national grocery operator interested in locating in the Hill District that has quality food products, is committed to urban communities with a sensitivity to urban design, open to minority ownership possibilities, and is a willing partner.”

Representatives of the grocery operator have completed a site visit of the Hill District and other important analysis to assess whether its store could work there. The grocery operator offers USDA inspected fresh meats, fruits, vegetables, dairy items, bakery goods and other assorted grocery and household items.

The grocery operator hires from within the community, provides full-time employment opportunities with benefits, and is willing to participate in local community events. The store also has experience in working in urban neighborhoods.

The chain has over 1,200 stores in 39 states and attracts over four million shoppers per week. This grocery operator is the nation’s fifth largest grocery chain under a single banner, and favorably boasts of its minority-owned stores with 44% of United States households in their target market.

Councilwoman Tonya Payne said, “it is incumbent upon me, on behalf of the residents of the Hill District, to consider any and all serious opportunities which could lead to a quality grocer locating in the Hill District; something that is direly needed. The Hill District has the desire and capacity to support a grocery store. Landmarks Community Capital Corporation should be commended for leading the effort to find a national grocer interested in our community, and we will introduce the grocer at the press conference on Tuesday after a question and answers session.”

Representatives of the community, city and county public officials, and the Pittsburgh Penguins have been invited to attend the breakfast.

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