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Historic Mann’s Hotel Demolished

October 12, 2009

The historic Mann’s Hotel in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, located at 23 Singer Avenue was demolished in the early hours of October 10, 2009. The hotel was built in the early 1800s and functioned as a hostelry for many years.

The Mann family Ted and Karen Suslovic-Mann tried to continue the operation of the hotel, serving the traditional turtle soup to many loyal customers at lunch and dinner and wanted to develop it as a B & B, but the costs were too high. They tried valiantly for years and our president Arthur Ziegler met with them many times to see if a feasible plan could be developed. Catherine Baker Knoll, when she was Lieutenant Governor, also communicated with us a number times as she too struggled to save the hotel.

When its doom seemed to be sealed, Mike Shealey and others developed a plan to salvage what could be saved and to photo document the building as it was taken down, but surprisingly it vanished on October 10, 2009 demolished by the authorities in McKees Rocks in the early hours.

Manns Hotel – Demolished – Click for larger view

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