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Fairbanks Feature: Switzerland––Any Time of the Year

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Showcasing a variety of materials located in the Frank B. Fairbanks Rail Transportation Archive

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Fairbanks Feature: Switzerland––Any Time of the Year

Frank Fairbanks was a world rail traveler, from the 1950s until early in 2001. These “rails” were not just for trains, but for trolleys and inclines of all kinds as well. From the collection that he donated to the Fairbanks Archive, it seems he loved the rails outside of the United States very much. That conclusion is based on the vast amount of out-of-country material that was in the many boxes he donated to the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation. While most of the brochures are from decades ago, the places are still there, the spectacular facilities are still there, and even the times of arrivals and departures have barely changed. Rail lines continue to be an essential method of transportation for Europeans and for all who visit the countries in that region.

The following photos show some of the materials that Frank Fairbanks collected while exploring the rail systems in Switzerland. They are in the Archive now for patrons to enjoy:

  1. The possibilities of rail usage are endless when planning a trip to Switzerland. Using the Swiss rail systems would even be easier, if you first spent time familiarizing yourself with the schedules here at the Archive. This photo shows a sampling of scheduling and time books that can be used to plan you trip.
  2. Our Switzerland book collection is very good. Each volume is filled with wonderful photographs showing the exciting places to visit and scenery to enjoy.
  3. A sampling of scenes to whet your appetite––before you see the real thing.
  4. These many slides, taken on several different trips, show the beauty of Switzerland in all kinds of weather. Climbing the snow-covered Swiss Alps, or swinging in cars from high cables, were experiences Frank Fairbanks did not want to miss.
  5. Awesome photographs of Swiss rail travel not shown in Frank’s slides can be seen in these postcards. These are just a few from the several hundred he collected while traveling.

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