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Doors Open Pittsburgh

Thousands of people participated in the first-ever Doors Open Pittsburgh in Downtown Pittsburgh on October 1 and 2. The free public event was sponsored by Doors Open Pittsburgh, a non-profit 501c(3) organization, with funding support from Dollar Bank and Awesome Pittsburgh. PHLF was proud to be one of the supporting partners.

Over the two days, there were 36,262 total visits to the 39 buildings that opened their doors. Each attendee visited 9.75 buildings on average. The buildings included private clubs, corporate offices, government buildings, residences, theaters, artists spaces, hotels, and sacred places.

“It was wonderful to see so many people in Downtown Pittsburgh exploring buildings, discovering amazing interior spaces, talking about Pittsburgh’s significant architecture, taking photographs, and admiring the views,” said PHLF Executive Director Louise Sturgess. “I talked with people from Germany, Idaho, Butler, Greensburg, and many city and suburban neighborhoods. Everyone was impressed with and proud of Pittsburgh. Thanks to all who opened their doors, and thanks to Doors Open Pittsburgh for bringing this event to Pittsburgh.”

Bonnie Baxter, founder and executive director of Doors Open Pittsburgh, has already begun planning for next year. “The event will continue to feature Downtown Pittsburgh, but we hope to expand into other neighborhoods, too,” Bonnie said.

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