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Dollar Bank Contributes to PHLF’s EITC Program: “Building Pride/Building Character”

“We are grateful to Dollar Bank,” said PHLF President Arthur Ziegler, “for generously contributing to us through the state’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program,” which underwrites the participation of approximately ten Pittsburgh Public Schools in our “Building Pride/Building Character” program of field trips and in-school presentations.

Karen Cahall, PHLF’s education coordinator, recently presented “Portable Pittsburgh” to third-graders at seven Pittsburgh Public Schools. Louise Sturgess and PHLF docents joined Karen in presenting a career awareness program to fourth-graders at two schools in February, with more presentations scheduled in March and April. Fifth-grade students from three schools have taken part in “Poetry and Art workshops” with field trips to Carnegie Mellon University or Chatham Village on Mt. Washington, and students from four more schools hope to participate in workshops in March. In May and June, PHLF’s “Building Pride/Building Character” program will wrap up with third-grade students exploring downtown Pittsburgh and the Strip District.

“Whether we are walking with students through the woods to a historic house that was a stop on the Underground Railroad, or putting a series of photos in chronological order to show Pittsburgh’s physical development, or reading posters and pretending to be a developer, lawyer, banker, small business owner, or carpenter, our goal is to extend classroom learning into the built environment so students begin to appreciate and care for their hometown,” said Executive Director Louise Sturgess.

Below is a series of recent photos of our Portable Pittsburgh and career awareness programs.

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