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CVS dismisses major defendant in ongoing lawsuit

March 12, 2002
Pittsburgh Business Times

CVS Pharmacy Inc. has dropped a major opponent in its lawsuit over a proposed store it hopes to build in Homestead.

CVS has dismissed Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation from its federal lawsuit against opposition to the drugstore chain’s plan for a new store on Eighth Avenue.

Originally, CVS intended to demolish 10 buildings along Homestead’s historic business district in order to build a new store. But CVS and its local developer, The Gustine Co., have faced opposition from Pittsburgh History & Landmarks as well as local community groups over preservation issues.

CVS filed the suit in July 2000, arguing that Pittsburgh History & Landmarks violated the drugstore chain’s constitutional rights. CVS planned to demolish the buildings and replace them with a modern store and accompanying parking lot.
While CVS dismissed its suit against Pittsburgh History & Landmarks, it maintains its lawsuits against Homestead and West Homestead boroughs, as well as against certain borough officials.

In a prepared statement, Pittsburgh History & Landmarks expressed the hope that CVS, Gustine and Homestead could work together to find an amenable solution.
CVS is based in Woonsocket, R.I., and operates more than 4,000 retail stores in 32 states. Annual revenue for the company exceeds $22 billion.

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