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Corporations Support PHLF through PA EITC Program

PNC Bank, First National Bank of Pennsylvania, Frank B. Fuhrer Wholesale Company, Maher Duessel, CPA, C. S. McKee, LP, and Hefren-Tillotson, Inc., contributed in December 2016 in support of PHLF’s “Building Pride/Building Character” educational program with the Pittsburgh Public Schools. They join Eat’n Park Hospitality Group, Inc. and Huntington Bank in contributing to PHLF through the state’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program.

“We are within reach of our $50,000 goal needed to support this exceptional program,” said PHLF Executive Director Louise Sturgess, and will continue fundraising in the new year.

Thanks to these gifts and support from PHLF, elementary and middle school students from about a dozen Pittsburgh Public Schools will be participating in various enrichment opportunities through early June that give them the chance to apply classroom learning to the real-world––and develop a sense of belonging and pride in their hometown.

Below are  comments from teachers and parents who participated in PHLF’s “Building Pride/Building Character” program last year––and are thankful that the program continues.

  • PHLF’s “Building Pride/Building Character” program provides wonderful educational experiences for our inner-city students. Thank you for donating towards the program! Money well spent! Thank you for a wonderful trip (as always)!
  • Please continue to support this program. As a third-grade teacher for 16 years, this program is by far one of the most worthwhile and memorable to our students! Would love to attend for another 16+ years!
  • Thank you for allowing this program to make Pittsburgh history come alive and be important/relevant to our youth!
  • Thank you for giving my students the chance to explore artifacts that connect them to our city’s history. It is experiences like these that build a child’s awareness, respect, and interest in their city.
  • Thank you for the opportunity to get our students out of the classroom and into a university campus. It makes the thought of further education more tangible.
  • This is a worthwhile activity for all students. They learned so much about the college and city; it provides an opportunity they may not otherwise have.
  • This program provides students a first step from school to career. The program is such that students’ enthusiasm is peaked to a career and thus motivation for academics is increased.
  • The materials give “life” and “real world” experiences. Students need to touch and feel to bring this job “experience” to life.
  • My students were completely engaged and had a wonderful experience. For many of my students, it was their first time experiencing authentic history.
  • The students loved the trip and were constantly engaged in conversation. I also liked the way all subject areas were incorporated into the trip.
  • Behavior continues to be an issue at our school. The character aspect of the program has become more and more important to me over the years of attending.
  • The students walk away with pride and knowledge of their city.
  • A great majority of students are ESL and had so many meaningful experiences about Pittsburgh that they will never forget.
  • It was worthwhile because they have previously learned about all this information and were able to recognize it out in the real world.
  • I have been on this field trip twice, with two daughters 6 years apart, and my husband went with our son 3 years ago. It was the most memorable and educational field trip any of our kids went on in elementary school. On today’s trip, one student said to me that she wishes she could do this trip every day.
  • This program helps to develop the future citizens of Pittsburgh in a very unique way. Instilling a pride that lasts a lifetime.
  • Great program for young citizens of Pittsburgh.
  • I loved our guides. They showed love and passion about our city and history, and surely they passed it on to the kids.
  • Really interesting to see Mayor’s office and hear from their Councilman. The kids were engaged most of the day which piqued their curiosity to ask great questions. Thanks for giving this opportunity to our children!
  • This is such a FANTASTIC experience, and I appreciate what you have provided for our students.
  • Some students would never have the chance or ability to experience all of the treasures of Downtown. This inspires them to want to come back with families and guide them.
  • This was a wonderful experience for our students and they learned so much too. Often they learn things they can’t relate to, but this trip is so relatable and tangible to them and they retain so much of the information.
  • Please continue donating so students can learn about the city where they reside. Thank you so much!
  • This program has been a memorable experience and should continue for as long as possible. It remains one of my favorite programs from elementary school!
  • PHLF is the best program I’ve experienced for field trips. Educational, informative, well organized!
  • This program undoubtedly aligns with our curriculum. This trip offers more than teaching the facts about our city; it encourages children to take pride in their city.
  • This is a wonderful program and we are thankful that you support our education and realize that seeing the buildings etc. is the best way to learn.
  • I believe this is important because it helps the kids be proud of our city and want to stay here for college and to live.
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