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“Climbing to the Heights” and Contributing to PHLF’s HRP Program

A member of Poale Zedeck’s House Committee recently sent a thank you e-mail to Tom Keffer, PHLF’s property and construction manager, for his “time, expertise, and guidance” in reviewing the results of the masonry repair on the Squirrel Hill landmark. “I especially note the energy and commitment to your work which you demonstrated by braving the treacherous climb to the heights of our multi-level roofs over portable ladders (on a near 100 degree day), a feat which has turned back many a soul not so confident as yourself,” wrote Morris Kornblit.

While most of us are not able to do what Tom does in a day’s work, most of us are able to contribute to PHLF’s Historic Religious Properties program so more architecturally significant places of worship in Allegheny County can undertake critical exterior improvements. 

So far this year, 45 people have contributed $21,640 to PHLF’s HRP program. Add your gift today! Our goal is to raise $75,000 by the end of the year so we can offer a new program of financial and technical assistance in 2013. Please help us reach our goal by making a cash contribution or a planned gift.

  •  For a cash gift, please click here to make a tax-deductible donation. Go to “Contribute” on the home page; select the amount of your gift; and direct it to Historic Religious Properties.
  •   Planned giving: By making PHLF the owner and beneficiary of an existing whole life insurance policy, you could make an immediate gift that could also play a role in helping us develop a significant endowment that would impact our HRP program for generations. To learn more about ways gifts of life insurance can be mutually beneficial, visit our website at or contact our planned giving office at or 412-471-5808, ext. 538. Other giving ideas can also be found at

However you choose to support the HRP Program, it is important to remember that your gift is leveraged. “Each grant from PHLF is matched by the congregation, making donations from our members and friends even more valuable,” said George Dorman, chair of PHLF’s HRP Committee.

Whether you choose to support the HRP program or another important PHLF project or program, thank you for helping to make possible our many preservation successes.

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