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CampDEC (Design Explore Create) Finale on August 16

Middle school campers have been exploring Pittsburgh with PHLF and designing and creating poetry, artwork, and 3-D models, thanks to the Pittsburgh Public School’s Summer Dreamers Academy. CampDEC (Design Explore Create) is based at Pittsburgh King on the North Side and continues every weekday afternoon through August 17.

During a grand finale on August 16, campers will present a book they will have published and describe two models to a jury of architects: the models will show their visions for improving a vacant lot on W. North Avenue and the Federal Street highway underpass.

On August 17, the last day of camp, campers will visit SLB Radio to share their thoughts about Pittsburgh and describe their CampDEC experiences. “This is a terrific opportunity¬† for these young people,” said Louise Sturgess, executive director of PHLF, “and for us. Together we explore Pittsburgh and create some amazing projects and friendships.”

CampDEC is supported by contributions from the Pittsburgh Public Schools, the McSwigan Family Foundation, and Alfred M. Oppenheimer Memorial Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation. For more information, please contact Louise.

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