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Building Pride/Building Character Programs Peak in May

Please keep these programs alive! Students really respond to the activities and remember them for years to come. They help them learn about the history of their special city! ––Pittsburgh Public School Teacher

In mid-May, PHLF will publish Neighborhood Stories, Including Mine, by a group of fourth-grade students from Pittsburgh Colfax. Inspired by a walking tour of the Squirrel Hill business district in October 2017, the book features student essays and artwork in Chapters 1 and 2. Chapter 3 provides space for any interested child to add his/her story to the book, and Chapter 4 includes tips and worksheets for exploring any neighborhood. “Erin Dulak, the fourth-grade ELA Teacher at Pittsburgh Colfax, collaborated with us on this project,” said Louise Sturgess, executive director of PHLF. “We are hoping that a second edition of the book can be distributed to Carnegie branch libraries for use during special programs with families and to all fourth-grade students in the Pittsburgh Public Schools. The book is a gem.”

Between April 25 and June 4, nine Pittsburgh Public Schools will participate in PHLF’s full-day bus tour to five historic places that help third-grade students understand the story of Pittsburgh. They associate “character-building words” with the City-County Building, Allegheny County Courthouse, Fort Pitt Museum, Fort Pitt Block House, and Duquesne Incline and try to become like those landmarks: “responsible, tolerant, respectful, and proud,” etc. The students enjoy the experience because they are with their friends and teachers, exploring the places they have learned about in Social Studies and meeting their Council representative, members of the Mayor’s staff, and experts at the Museum, Block House, and incline.

Third-grade students from three schools will also participate in PHLF’s Strip District Stroll after reading a book that is set in the neighborhood in the 1930s.

PHLF’s “Building Pride/Building Character” program is primarily funded through the state’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit program. Many thanks to our corporate donors.

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