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“Building Buddies” — A Giant Puzzle, Art Activity, and Outdoor Exploration — Teaches the Value of Our Buildings

Young learners and their families put together the PHLF-created “Building Buddies” puzzle at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh’s Corridor Free Day on September 30, 2021.

As part of the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh’s Corridor Free Day on September 30, 2021, we presented a creative “Building Buddies” program in which learners of all ages helped put together a giant puzzle of the Children’s Museum campus. Through the exercise, participants learned about the details that define the character of each of the four museum buildings. They also drew pictures of themselves and added them to the giant “Building Buddies” puzzle.

PHLF Co-Director of Education Sarah Greenwald and Education Adviser Louise Sturgess, guided learners through various activities, helping everyone see the beauty and discover the story of the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

“Building Buddies” was created by the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation and Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, thanks to funding from the McSwigan Family Foundation Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation, Gailliot Family Foundation, and Grambrindi Davies Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation.

An online version of “Building Buddies” is available for anyone interested in exploring the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh’s family of buildings. Through an interactive game, matching activity, puzzles, and drawing activity, children learn that the four museum buildings have different styles, colors, shapes, details, and ages. It is the differences that make each building––and each one of us––unique and worth treasuring.

Use the learning platform Nearpod (free for students) on your phone or computer to explore “Building Buddies.” Click HERE to access these creative, educational activities.

 We thank Megan Pen, PHLF’s 2020 summer intern from CMU’s Heinz College and College of Fine Arts, for adapting PHLF’s “Building Buddies” program to a series of interactive, online activities.

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