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An Update on the Restoration of Houses in Wilkinsburg

PHLF continues its work of restoring single-family homes in and around the Hamnett Place neighborhood of Wilkinsburg, a National Register-listed historic district. Since its successful restoration of four houses as part of Hamnett Restoration Phase I in 2008, PHLF is restoring three more located at 833 Holland Avenue, 845 Holland Avenue, and 517 Jeanette Street, with assistance from Allegheny County Economic Development and The Allegheny Foundation, a Richard M. Scaife charity.

Much like the first phase of residential development in Hamnett Place, PHLF will be working to secure new long-term owners for the properties.  The Hamnett Phase II renovations will be complete in the fall of 2011. Homebuyer incomes are restricted to 120% of the area median income. Below is a view of the houses and architectural renderings of what they will look like when restored. For more information, please contact David Farkas, PHLF director of Main Street Programs at 412-471-5808.

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