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Allegheny County Courthouse 120th Symposium & Exhibition

March 7, 2008

Friday, April 18th, 2008
To commemorate the 120th anniversary of the dedication of the Allegheny County Courthouse, Professor Drew Armstrong, director of the Architectural Studies program at the University of Pittsburgh, has organized a public symposium on ‘The Allegheny County Courthouse in Context’ that will take place on Friday, April 18th, 2008. Speakers from across the continent will address the history of the courthouse, its place in H. H. Richardson’s career, and its impact on public architecture throughout North America.

Arthur Ziegler will open the conference with a brief outline of PHLF’s Allegheny County Historic Properties Committee work for several decades in guiding the restoration of the Courthouse.

September 2nd through October 16th.
A major exhibition on ‘Pittsburgh and the Architectural Sublime: H. H. Richardson’s Allegheny County Courthouse’ in the Frick Fine Arts Building will feature archival material documenting the courthouse competition and Richardson’s design process.

Click here for details on the symposium.

A Bench for the Courthouse

Several years ago, we embarked on a program to replace the unattractive and randomly selected used chairs that lined the corridors of the Courthouse with sturdy wooden benches designed by County architect Sam Taylor, in the style of Richardson. 

Each bench costs $3,500 for Wilson and McCracken to create.  They may be given to honor or memory of family and friends.  To date, 21 benches have been donated out of the total of 35 that we need.

For the symposium, we are asking PHLF members and friends if they would like to either sponsor a bench in it’s entirety, or to contribute a small amount between $10 and $50 that will go toward the $3,500 fee to commission another handsome wood bench for the halls of the Courthouse to be dedicated to H. H. Richardson.. We will report on progress as we move along.



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