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All That Glitters is Not Goldby

Landmarks recently accepted an 11-volume collection of dated Pittsburgh cutouts and postcards, donated by member Harry C. Goldby, formerly of Pittsburgh, now residing in Carlisle, PA.

Mr. Goldby’s act of kindness emphasizes that significant gifts don’t have to be cash or securities. When such gifts are related to a charity’s mission, they also qualify for a full market-value charitable income tax deduction.

Generally, Landmarks will not accept a gift of tangible personal property unless its maintenance and care are endowed at the time the gift is made.

Landmarks must also inspect the gift to be sure it relates to our mission and to determine if it meets the conditions of our gift acceptance policy.

Because this collection of historical images of Pittsburgh is invaluable to our research, we were deeply gratified to receive it.

On behalf of all of our members who now have access to this collection in our library, Landmarks thanks Mr. Goldby for finding a way to share a part of Pittsburgh’s past with its future.

Contact: Jack Miller
Director of Gift Planning

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