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After-School Enrichment at Pittsburgh Langley

Thanks to funding support from the McSwigan Family Foundation and Alfred M. Oppenheimer Memorial Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation, PHLF created a new after-school enrichment program for middle school students and is piloting it with a group of 12 students from Pittsburgh Langley.

Going Places: Building Skills and Exploring Architecture is a series of 12 weekly workshops that give students the chance to explore their school, community, and city, and strengthen their academic and teamwork skills in the process.

In November, students got acquainted with each other through a caricature-drawing exercise, constructed a geodesic dome out of newspaper and masking tape, and explored Langley School and created a mural. In December, they will explore their community aboard Molly’s Trolley, participate in PHLF’s career awareness program, and visit Carnegie Mellon University.

Below is a gallery of 20 photos of student activities.

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