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$43,000+ in Grants Awarded to Maintain and Restore Religious Proprerties

Carole Malakoff
Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation
August 8, 2007

Since January, $43,899 has been paid out in matching grant funds to help eight congregations maintain and restore their historic religious structures. Five of these grants were from last year’s grant cycle.

The organizations were:


– Calvary United Methodist, North Side
– Hawthorn Avenue Presbyterian, Crafton
– Union Project, East Liberty
– St. Andrews Episcopal, Highland Park
– St. Anthonys Chapel, Troy Hill

2007 (to date)

– Zion Christian Church, Carrick
– Bethel Presbyterian, Bethel Park
– Valley Presbyterian, Imperial

Three are churches that were just awarded grants this February and have already completed work. These grant funds enabled congregations to restore stained glass windows, perform roof and gutter work, and do stonework.

Tom Keffer ,Landmarks construction manager, has provided technical assistance to three congregations. He consulted on issues of general renovation procedures, roof repairs, and stained glass restoration.

Work recently completed at Monumental Baptist Church in The Hill included stone work above the main doorway. The lintel was on the verge of collapsing. Only one of the double doors could be opened safely. After work was completed, both doors can now be opened enabling safe and easy access into the sanctuary. Monumental Baptist raised their matching funds through Sunday service collections.

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