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More Corporations Donate to PHLF-PPS Program

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Fifth-grade students from Pittsburgh Beechwood were explorers, poets, and artists at Carnegie Mellon University during PHLF’s “Building Pride/Building Character” Poetry and Art workshop on February 24.

PHLF is a great asset to our community. The education staff, docents, and interns truly care about our city and their enthusiasm is passed on to the children of Pittsburgh. This helps the children build pride in their community and helps them develop their character in a positive sense. ––Pittsburgh Public School teacher

PNC Bank, Eat’n Park Hospitality Group, Inc., and Maher Duessel, CPA have joined First National Bank of Pennsylvania, Huntington Bank, and Frank B. Fuhrer Wholesale Company in contributing to PHLF through the state’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program. These corporations, along with funding from the McSwigan Family Foundation and Alfred M. Oppenheimer Memorial Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation, are helping to underwrite PHLF’s “Building Pride/Building Character” program of field trips and educational programs for 14 Pittsburgh Public Schools. We are grateful to all our donors.

PHLF staff and docents presented “Portable Pittsburgh” and “People Who Work to Improve Our Communities” to Pittsburgh Banksville, Colfax, Concord, Greenfield, Phillips, and Westwood in February, and Pittsburgh Beechwood participated in PHLF’s Poetry and Art program at Carnegie Mellon University. In March, PHLF”s “Building Pride/Building Character” program will continue with more tours of Carnegie Mellon University and downtown Pittsburgh for various Pittsburgh Public Schools.

In the gallery below, view photos from PHLF’s recent Career Awareness and Poetry and Art programs.

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