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Thank You, Interns

Max Adzema, who graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in December 2015, and Emily Dahlin, a student in Duquesne University’s Public History program, successfully completed volunteer internships with PHLF in the Fall of 2015.

Max Adzema

“We are grateful to Max and Emily for helping with tours, various research projects, and several Poetry and Art workshops and publications,” said PHLF Executive Director Louise Sturgess. “In addition, Max provided invaluable help in editing the second edition of the August Wilson guidebook, and Emily sorted through and organized the personal papers of James D. Van Trump, PHLF’s co-founder.”

Each intern commented on their experiences with PHLF:

“As someone who loves Pittsburgh this internship has been an incredibly rewarding experience, opening the door to further opportunities and interests in local history and architecture. I have been continually surprised by the passion, drive, love, knowledge, and dedication that PHLF staff members have shown while pursuing the goals of building pride in and preserving our beautiful city. Thanks for the many wonderful experiences!” ––Max Adzema, University of Pittsburgh (History of Art & Architecture/Museum Studies)

Emily Dahlin

“Overall, I found my internship at PHLF to be an educational, challenging, and valuable one. Through my archival projects and my observations of educational programming, I have learned much about the city of Pittsburgh, historical architecture, and archival work. I feel that fulfilling this internship had a very positive impact on my ability to perform as an archivist and has done much to further my educational and professional goals.” ––Emily Dahlin, Duquesne University (Public History)

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