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PHLF Trustee Co-Authors Book on Bridges

Thank you for your work in teaching kids to love history, especially Pittsburgh history. Who knows, one day one of them might write a book. ––Inscription from Todd Wilson to PHLF’s Executive Director Louise Sturgess, in her copy of Pittsburgh’s Bridges


Pittsburgh’s Bridges

Todd Wilson, PE, and Helen Wilson are the authors of Pittsburgh’s Bridges ($21.99), the newest book in Arcadia Publishing’s Images of America series. Following a refreshing introduction discussing Pittsburgh’s bridges in the context of its topography and the historical development of transportation systems in the region, Pittsburgh’s Bridges launches into eight chapters with concise introductions: Point Bridges, Allegheny River Bridges, Monongahela River Bridges, Ohio River Bridges, Ravine Bridges, City Beautiful Bridges, Railroad Overpasses, and Footbridges. In 200 photo captions, the authors discuss the design, construction, and at times, demolition of 144 historic and extant bridges in our “City of Bridges.” They clearly explain how different bridge structures work, and describe how the design of Pittsburgh’s bridges often resulted in brilliant construction innovations and unique partnerships between engineers, architects, and the Municipal Art Commission.

Pittsburgh’s Bridges can be ordered from Arcadia Publishing or from any major online bookseller such as, and is also available in local bookstores. Or you may order the book from the authors for the retail price of $21.99 plus $3.00 for postage and handling (book rate).

About the authors:

Todd Wilson is a trustee of PHLF and professional engineer at GAI Consultants, Inc. He first connected with PHLF in first and third grades when he entered the Bridge-Building Contest in our Hands-on History Festival at Station Square. Years later, he was selected as one of three scholarship recipients in 2002, based on his essay on Pittsburgh’s bridges, that ended with the statement: “I can safely predict that my whole life will be devoted to bridges or roads, especially in the Pittsburgh region.” Todd graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2006, organized the first and second annual Historic Bridge Conferences here in Pittsburgh in 2009 and 2010, and was named one of Pittsburgh Magazine’s “40 Under 40” honorees in 2011.

Todd’s mother, Helen, also is devoted to Pittsburgh history. A member of both PHLF and the Squirrel Hill Historical Society, Helen has researched and written about the significance of the Mary S. Brown Memorial-Ames United Methodist Church and Turner Cemetery at 3424 Beechwood Boulevard. A graduate of Carlow University, she worked as a teacher, editor, and writer for the Pittsburgh Public Schools.

The authors collaborated to produce a well-researched and fascinating illustrated history of a defining aspect of Pittsburgh. At a time when many historic bridges are endangered, this book informs the reader of the importance of the bridges that we cross every day, and by documenting their significance, encourages a preservation ethic.

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