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100% of Your Gift Funds Preservation Work

Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, 310 Shady Ave., stained glass restoration and other windows, rose,  Historic Religious Properties work in progress, HRP 2014

I really appreciate the work PHLF does to maintain historical buildings in our city. These projects touch so many lives and make our city a much better place.

                                    ––Everett Ramer, Pittsburgh Mennonite Church, January 27, 2014

One of the most direct ways that PHLF helps maintain architectural landmarks throughout Allegheny County is by continuing its Historic Religious Properties (HRP) program, supported each year by generous donations from its members and friends.

“We improve the quality of life for people as we help renew the institutions they value,” said David Vater, Chair of PHLF’s HRP Committee. Since 1997, PHLF has awarded 247 matching grants totaling more than one million dollars to help restore key historic religious properties in Allegheny County and, in the process, has created community pride and encouraged renewal.

“The contributions we receive in support of our HRP program, now through December 31, will make it possible for us to offer another cycle of matching grants and technical assistance in 2015,” said HRP Committee Vice-Chair Kathy Testoni. “Since PHLF underwrites the staff and operating costs of the HRP program, 100% of each donation is awarded in the form of matching grants to directly fund restoration work.”

“This is PHLF’s 50th anniversary year,” noted Mr. Vater. “I encourage people to give generously, in thanks for all that PHLF has done to improve the quality of life for people in this region.”

Please click here to contribute; please direct your gift to the Historic Religious Properties program. For more information about the HRP program and the award recipients in 2014, click here.

Your support will help us continue this valuable program of financial and technical assistance that has produced significant preservation results since its inception in 1997. We thank you!

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