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Architectural Design Challenge


Call 412-471-5808 ext 537 if you would like PHLF to host an architectural design challenge for middle or high school students.

Possible Design Challenge:

Identify a vacant or underutilized building in your neighborhood and determine a new use for it, based on the needs of the community. Build a model showing how you would restore the building and adapt it for reuse.

The Process:

  • Students attend an introductory session in the fall, organized by the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation. They are given a design task and then tour an area of the city that relates to their design challenge.
  • Students return to school and, over the next several months, they work with group members to build a model and prepare written and oral reports.
  • In February or March, students present their models and written and oral reports to a jury of architects, city planners, and educators. Certificates of participation and excellence are awarded.

Typical fee: $5 per student

Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation

100 West Station Square Drive, Suite 450

Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Phone: 412-471-5808  |  Fax: 412-471-1633