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Architectural Glass in Pittsburgh

Series 1: Eight Glass Artists in Nine Pittsburgh-area Buildings 1883-1962

What follows are eight brief illustrated essays about glass artists and windows in Pittsburgh-area buildings, often in buildings that are themselves architecturally noteworthy. Some of the windows-and the buildings for that matter-have been overlooked. The buildings are located in the Pittsburgh neighborhoods of Point Breeze, Observatory Hill, Allentown, Oakland, East Liberty, and Squirrel Hill; Hazelwood; Crafton (all in Allegheny County), and Butler, Butler County, Pa., since St. Paul’s Butler is a parish in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Albert M. Tannler

I am grateful to Fr. Harry R. Bielewicz, Beth Braughler, Fr. Hugh Fleming, Pam Kimmel, Greg Langel, Rev. Ann Morris, Robin Pflasterer, Renee Pollice, Rev. James N. Shaver, Jr., Rev. Cynthia Bronson Sweigert, Rev. Don Youse, and Fr. Thomas Wilson for providing access to their buildings.

  1. Alfred Godwin (1850-1934), Philadelphia: “Harvest” window, 1883/1891, Clayton, Henry Clay Frick residence; Andrew W. Peebles (1882) and F. J. Osterling (1890-92), renovation architects
  2. Ludwig Grosse (1862-1917), Pittsburgh: Robert S. Johnston Memorial, 1892, Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, Hazelwood; William Halsey Wood, architect
  3. Henry Hunt (1867-1951) for Leake & Greene (1889-1906), Pittsburgh: Window, 1895-96, Hawthorne Avenue Presbyterian Church, Crafton, Pa.; Boyd & Long, architects
  4. Mary Elizabeth Tillinghast (1845-1912), New York: Urania, 1903, Allegheny Observatory; T. E. Billquist, architect
  5. Leo Thomas (1876-1950) for George Boos (1859-1937), Munich, Germany: Chancel window and detail of transept angel, 1910-11, St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church, Butler, Pa., John T. Comes, architect; “Tu Es Petrus” and St. George, 1911-12, St. George’s Roman Catholic Church; Herman J. Lang, architect
  6. George W. Sotter (1879-1953), Pittsburgh: St. Matthew and St. John, 1914-15, Synod Hall; Edward J. Weber, architect
  7. Henry Wynd Young (1874-1923), New York: “Christ Enthroned”, c. 1922, Chapel chancel window in East Liberty Presbyterian Church; Ralph Adams Cram for Cram & Ferguson. Window originally installed in a transept of the previous building, Longfellow, Alden & Harlow (1886-88), architects
  8. Howard Gilman Wilbert (1891-1966), Pittsburgh: Nave windows, from windows designed and made 1939-62 for the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer; E. Donald Robb, for Frohman, Robb & Little, architects
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