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Henry Hornbostel: An Architect’s Master Touch




Walter C. Kidney

Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation, 2002

“Hornbostel’s mind,” a critic wrote, “is at once daring and inventive, and he never hesitates about executing work because it has no precedent. He leads the way where others follow…” This 1909 critique celebrated Henry Hornbostel’s use of iron, steel, and tile on buildings in Pittsburgh and on bridges in New York City. Henry Hornbostel: An Architect’s Master Touch is the first book about this 20th-century American architectural master. Hornbostel designed more than 225 buildings, bridges, and monuments nationwide, in cities such as Albany and New York, New York; Hartford, Connecticut; Atlanta, Georgia; Evanston, Illinois; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; and Oakland and Santa Barbara, California. His brilliance, however, is especially evident in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A lavishly illustrated overview of Hornbostel’s work throughout the United States is followed by a detailed exploration of some 50 projects in Pittsburgh. A “List of Works,” a map of Pittsburgh sites, and a bibliography are included.

  • 272-pages, hard cover, cloth; 8 3/8″ x 11″
  • 470 Illustrations (including more than 200 color photographs)
  • ISBN:1-57098-398-4
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