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Pittsburgh Legends and Visions




Eliza Smith Brown

Published by Heritage Media Corporation, in cooperation with the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation, 2002

Pittsburgh Legends and Visions is an overview of Pittsburgh’s history from its 18th-century founding as a military outpost and “Gateway to the West,” through its transformation into “The Forge of the Universe,” and on to its maturity as an industrial and then post-industrial metropolis. The city’s legends speak to human ingenuity. Throughout each epoch of its development, Pittsburgh has attracted many of the nation’s most talented and ambitious individuals who saw, and seized, opportunity at the Point. These visionaries tamed and exploited the land and its resources, crafted civic improvements, created a rich cultural life and fueled a flexible and robust economy. The book is enhanced by the addition of profiles of Pittsburgh businesses and institutions.

  • 360 pages, hard cover, cloth; 9 3/4 x 11 1/4
  • 374 color; 170 b/w
  • ISBN:1-886483-66-3
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