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Light and Color in Stained Glass: Address Delivered in the Heinz Memorial Chapel, April 19, 1941




Address Delivered in the Heinz Memorial Chapel, April 19, 1941
By Charles J. Connick, M.F.A., A.F.D.

Albert M. Tannler

Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation, 2012

On April 19, 1941, Charles Connick gave a speech, “Light and Color in Stained Glass,” at Heinz Memorial Chapel at the University of Pittsburgh, which had been dedicated on November 20, 1938, and for which he designed and made all the windows. A typescript was acquired by the Connick Foundation and was subsequently added to the Charles J. Connick Foundation Collection at MIT. The speech is remarkable for its biographical candor, its acknowledgement of the many adults who supported him, and its telling of how Connick found his calling as a stained glass craftsman in Pittsburgh and Boston. It demonstrates his love of literature, music, and modern painting. Although his father’s illness forced him to leave high school after only three months, Connick developed his innate skill as an artist, and by reading vociferously he became an accomplished writer. The speech has been published to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Heinz Chapel in 2013.

  • 32-page booklet
  • 2 color photographs
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