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Landmark Survivors

Purchase a series of posters featuring Pittsburgh places that have survived for many decades in a city that is constantly rebuilding itself.

The landmark survivors include the Block House in Point State Park, the commercial row buildings facing the Monongahela River in the Golden Triangle, the Allegheny County Courthouse and Jail, the Smithfield Street Bridge, Clayton (the mansion of industrialist Henry Clay Frick), and Station Square. (The Kennywood Park poster is sold out!)

Landmark Survivors is appropriate for sixth- through twelfth-graders studying art, language arts or social studies. After viewing the posters, students are encouraged to create a poster featuring a landmark survivor in their neighborhood.

Cost for 7 posters: $20 plus mailing (PHLF members) and $40 plus mailing (non-members)
Cost for a single poster: $5 plus mailing (members and non-members)

A teacher’s guide is available also. Please request one if you are interested.

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